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Boneal Cot Thong Linh
Boneal Cot Thong Linh
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-          Relieving pain, anti-inflammation, decreasing swelling on bony arthrosis

-          Deeply infiltration, relieve pain

-          Supportive treatment of joint degeneration

  1. Composition: Each 100 ml contains extracts derived from:

Radix Aconiti Brachipodi ………..8.0g

Rhizoma Zingiberis ………………11.0g

Resina draconis …………………..0.1g

Resina Boswelliae Cartevii ……….0.5g

Commiphora Myrrha …………….0.5g

Borneolum Syntheticum…………. 0.15g

Excipients: Alcohol 50% q.s


It is a transparent orange-red liquid, prossessing pleasant odor, when stand-still long, there will be a little opacity and precipitate.

  1. Properties:

Boneal – Cot Thong Linh Tincture is a pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation refined with the famous and worthy Chinese midical herbs of Ynnan Province. It has the efficacy of promoting blood circulation and disperse blood stasis, clearing away cold by warming the meridian, expelling wind-evil and removing wetness-evil, and regulating channels which are very suitable for degenerative joint disease.

Degenerative joint disease is also called osteoarthritis (OA) or bony arthrosis, osteoarthrosis etc… which is initiated by various cause (Aging, trauma, hereditary, abesity, lifestyle,…) and mainly pathologically characterized with joint’s osteochondrous retrogression and the formation of bony spur and ostoephyte is very common and chronic joint diseases, especially in the middle-aged above 45 years old. Chinese traditional medical science considers that osteoarthritis is mainly caused by deficiency of “liver” and “kidney” and intruding into bones and mussles by wind-cold-wetness and the main trament principles are “promoting blood circulation and disperse blood statis, and invigorate the liver and nourish the kidney”.

  1. Actions:

Relieving pain, anti-inflammation, decreasing swelling, dilating capillary, promoting blood circulation.

  1. Indication:

Relieving pain, anti-inflammation, decreasing swelling on bony arthrosis (such as trauma arthritis, retrogress, senile arthrosis, etc.), stiff joint, movement limitation due to scapulohumeral periarthritis, hyperosteogeny in lumbar and cervical vertebrae.

  1. Administration and dose:

For external use only. Place 10ml of the medicinal liquid onto  the adhesive applicator pads provides, and apply to the affected area, about 30 minutes per time, once daily, and 20 days for a course of treatment. For enhance the curative effect, the method of hot packing by hot water bag or warm towel, or prolonging the time of application could be taken, but which must be upto the patient’s skin tolerance.

  1. Side effect:

There maybe strong heat feeling and rash or itch on treated area, it is normal for the treatment, these symptoms will disappear affer stop the drug, and which also can be relieves by using some lubricant to reduce the stimulations if necessary.

  1. Contraindications:

-          Applying on mucous membrane and open injury is prohibited.

-          Contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to any of it’s ingredients.

  1. Cautions:

-          External use only. The affected area should avoid being blown and contacting with cold water for 3 hours affter treatment.

-          When put it stand still for a long time, there will be a little opacity and precipiate, stirring evenly before use.

-          The hot feeling during the treatment is normal reaction necessary for the treatment. The time of hot packing and temperature could be flexible based on the tolerance of the patients and the weather temperature.

-          For some patients with sensitive or allergic skin, they should lower the dosage and shorten the time of application at the begenning use the medicine.

-          Keep the medicine out of reach of children. Used with caution in pregnancy and on the neck vertebra part hypertensive patients.

Storage: preserved in well-closed container in cool and dark place

Package: In white plastic bottle of 100 ml.

Expiration date: 36 months from date of manufacturing.

Registration No.: VN-15813- 12


No. 45 Keyi Road, Kunming New & High-Tech.

Industrial Development Zone, Yunnan, China.

Specification: In-house

      Keep out of reach of children. Carefully read the manual before use.

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