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Health supplement Nga Phu Khang

-          Support for treatment and Prevention of female diseases such as ovarian cysts, fibroid uterus, cervical cancer, menstrual disorder.

-          Support for treatment and Prevention of  male diseases such as enlarged prostate, prostate cancer.

-          Enhances the body’s immune system.

Health supplement Nattospes

Support for reducing the risk of forming and dissolving blood clots. Help reduce the risk of cerebral vascular accident, cerebral infarction, embolism-induced angina. Support for recovery after the cerebral vascular accident due to embolism.

Health supplement Hoang Thong Phong

Support to strengthen liver and kidney function, help to reduce blood uric acid level, reduce gout pain symptoms.

Health supplement Cot Thoai Vuong

- Support to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, arthralgia due to dry joints, enhance the strength of bones and joints. 

- For people with degeneration of vertebrae herniated disc, arthritis.

Health supplement Hoang Thap Linh

Support to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis; osteoarthritis pain, numbness of shoulder and neck, limbs.

Health supplement Kim Mien Khang

Enhance immune system in autoimmune diseases, support to reduce the risk of autoimmune symptoms progression.