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- Improving tonus of skin, tendon and striated muscle. Helps restore and prevent the skin conditions of wrinkles, saggy skin, stretched mark.

- Preventing  premature aging skin and preserving the youthful skin. 


-         Moisturize skin

-         Help regenerate skin and smoothen skin, tighten skin, anti sagging skin around the eyes, abdomen, thighs, chest, limbs

-         Prevent and blur dark pigmentation.


- Use cleaning, disinfection, preventing oral mucositis, skin in cases of dermatitis, sores, vesicles, oral mucositis, caused by hand foot and mouth virus (HFMD virus); chickenpox, herpes, zona, measles virus

- Help regenerate the skin and prevent scar formation in the case of minor burns, insect bites, mosquito bites

Kim Thinh

-Enhance auditory health, hearing capacity. Support for relieving of the symptoms of tinnitus, deafness, hearing loss.

-Prevent hearing loss in the high-risk subjects, such as the elderly, people who are exposed, to harmful, sound ( music, radio, television…), help maintain normal hearing range.

-Enhance ears health, support, for treatment and prevention of the ear, diseases and hearing loss.

Ich Giap Vuong

- Helps strengthen and maintain the health and the normal activities of thyroid gland, help regulate immune function and support the body in the treatment of thyroid disorders.

- Helps soften, reduce pain at thyroid gland support of reducing the symtom of thyroid disorders.

- Helps balance thyroid hormon such as T3 (Tri – iodothyronin), T4 (Tetra iodothyronin or thyroxin)

- Support to improve the healthy and prevent blemishes (failure) in patients with thyroid surgery or radioactive iodine treatment of thyroid.

Kim Than Khang

- Tonify the brain, enhance nervous mental health and blood circulation, help mental care and transquilization (sendatives), reduce stress and anxiety, improve the symptoms of headache, sleeping difficulty, palpitation depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, insomnia, restlessness.


- Strengthen neuro mental health in support fortreatment of neurasthenia, general health improvement, dementia, concentration difficulty and neurasthenia.