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Asia Europe Pharmaceutical

It is a great honor and pleasure for Asia Europe Pharmaceutical to introduce:

  AEROPHARM started operations on 23thNovember, 2005 - with the slogan “Bring back your health confidence”.

  Nowadays, our company is not only rapidly, extensively growing in human resources, but also leading Vietnam pharmaceutical market, with the trend of the international outreach. Such achievements are resulted at our self determining right steps, concretized by the mission, goals and core value throughout the development process of the company.

  1. Mission

We build and spread the leading brand products of natural origin (natural pharmaceutical, supplements, biological products, cosmetics ...) domestically and internationally.

  1. Goals

-          To become a leading marketing and distributing professional company in Vietnam for natural products of unique, high safety and sustainable efficacy.

-          To own several  brand-led products of natural origin in Vietnam

-          To become the most valuable company for its shareholders, partners, employees and customers.

III. Slogan

              “Bring back your health confidence”

IV. Products

We own the unique products of natural origin (natural pharmaceuticals, supplements, biological products, cosmetics ...)

V. The core values of Asia Europe pharmaceutical company

These are important principles which are built and developed by all staff of AEROPHARM in past, present and future. These values have been becoming the foundation for the development of our company.

  1. Fair

All the regulations and decisions of our company are aimed at building an equitable working environment which encourages positive and beneficial behavior as well as minimizes negative and unbeneficial ones for the joint development of company along with each member.

  1. Democratic:

-          All the managers of our company implement an open policy allow all staff can express their concerns and problems, or complaint directly to the senior managers of company.

-          All staff can directly display with their direct managers. If the problem is not resolved satisfactorily or that manager is a part of the problem, the staff can meet the higher level managers, even the Director General.

-          An employee can meet directly any manager or leader to discuss in a way that his or her issue will be resolved at the soonest.

-          Strictly prohibit vengeance with any employee who dares to say honestly.

  1. Professional

-          Every employee and department in the company clearly understands and works properly with their functions and rights.

-          The functional departments as a counselor for Board of Directors to build the regulations, standard operating procedures (S.O.P) for each type of job and the staff  who works according to these standard procedures.

  1. Creative

All staff and departments in AEROPHARM are constantly researching to explore the new working methods and the new approach more effectively.

  1. Leadership

The company and all of its staffs and departments always strive to be pioneers, dare to confront and overcome difficulties in their work.

  1.  Integrity

We always require ourselves, shareholders, employees and partners the highest standards of ethics. We prohibit the concealment or dubious behavior that would be harmful to the benefits of the company, shareholders, partners, customers, as well as employees…

  1. Customer is the focus

All activities of our company and staff are to achieve the highest aim which satisfies the demands of customers. We always put ourselves in the customer's position when accessing and considering everything.

  1. Respect for people

Our company commits to treat employees with respect and dignity. Our company always considers the human factor as the corner-stone of every of its success and investment in human resources is always put a step ahead.

  1.  Cooperative

Our company always determines that cooperation is the trend of our era, the cooperation between the company and partners, as well as departments and staffs are the vital element for the growth of company.