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AEROPHARM started operations on 23thNovember, 2005 - with the slogan “Bring back your health confidence”. Nowadays, our company is not only rapidly, extensively growing in human resources, but also leading Vietnam pharmaceutical market, with the trend of the international outreach. Such achievements are resulted at our self determining right steps, concretized by the mission, goals and core value throughout the development process of the company.

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Health supplement Nga Phu Khang
-          Support for treatment and Prevention of female diseases such ...
Health supplement Nattospes
Support for reducing the risk of forming and dissolving blood ...
Health supplement Hoang Thong Phong
Support to strengthen liver and kidney function, help to reduce ...
Health supplement Cot Thoai Vuong
- Support to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, arthralgia due ...
Health supplement Hoang Thap Linh
Support to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis; osteoarthritis pain, numbness of ...
Health supplement Kim Mien Khang
Enhance immune system in autoimmune diseases, support to reduce the ...